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Featured Artisans & Makers

Derek Brumley

Major Derek Brumley served a combined 10 years on active duty with the Army and Air Force as a critical care nurse. He has deployed twice in support of Operation Enduring Freedom/Operation Iraqi Freedom. Major Brumley is currently serving in the Kentucky Air National Guard. His flags are made with special attention to each star and design being hand tooled into the surface. All of his flags are made in his garage/studio at his home.

Derek Brumley_pic.jpg

Pittsburgh Pottery

Combining their love of our local metropolis & ceramics, Pittsburgh Pottery creates items with both a nod to “Pittsburghese” and showcasing the unique and whimsical drawings of artist/ceramicist/owner Blake Anthony. We are honored to be one of the only places to carry Pittsburgh Pottery outside of their Carnegie location!

Pittsburgh Pottery_pic.jpg
Wren & Rita_pic.jpg

Wren & Rita

A fantastic Pittsburgh based small business that creates wonderful products like lotion bars, lip balms, soaps, salves, and even fabric-based goodies!  Ana uses natural ingredients that are sourced with sustainability in mind as well as outstanding quality with an aesthetic mindfulness.

Leapfrog Candles_pic.jpg

Leapfrog Candles

Leapfrog candles is a local mother & son team making and selling hand-poured, homemade soy candles in fun, funky, and current scents!

Plus… Jason went to high school with candle creator Bree!

Tubular Gear

Tubular Gear began in 2015 by creating handcrafted products made from re-purposed bicycle inner tubes in State College PA. She works with local bike shops, and salvage punctured tubes to turn them into useful, usable, and unique goods. CURIO carries a wide range of products including, sketchbooks & journals, zipper bags, dog leashes, and wrist cuffs..

Tubular Gear_pic.jpg

The Cuddle Cult

Artist Ashley Ross digitally draws each of her cuddly POP culture influenced characters and then has them transferred to fabric. She stuffs and sews them by hand before shipping them here to CURIO just for you, our awesome customers!

The Cuddle Cult_pic.jpg

Pip & Lola

We are a Pittsburgh area soap company dedicated to making the best handcrafted vegetarian and vegan soaps. We use only natural plant materials, food additives, and NATURAL essential oils. You will never find fragrance oils or artificial chemicals within our soap. All of our soaps are created in small batches to ensure the best quality.


Light Shine Jewelry

Monroeville area artist, Jennifer Leffler, creates jewelry and accessories with polymer clay resin that is all about recognizing your beauty, value, and strength and letting that shine. Let your light shine so others can see God’s love. Each piece is one of a kind and sculpted by hand.

CJ 7 Designs

Pittsburgh artist Chris Jenson believes in preserving history & the planet through upcycling. Chris creates handmade statement pieces for your home, office & body from found objects & remnant materials. His creations crafted from such things as license plates, pistons, engine headers, and hockey pucks have been exciting components of CURIO since we first began this journey!

CJ 7 clocks_pic.jpg

1 Fly Chicken

Meghan Tutolo is a curious and prolific creator who is inspired by so much. Because of this, she continues to experiment with different media, styles and subjects—from carvings to watercolor to Gelly Roll Glitter Gel Pens. Simply put Mehan is an artist, writer, and maker of things! 1 Fly Chicken’s stickers, buttons, magnets, prints, and even stained glass can be found in many Pittsburgh area shops and art spaces.

1 Fly Chicken_pic.jpg

Songbird Artistry

Jennifer Orefice has been creating hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry since age 13, Orefice specializes in custom and vintage necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings. She even designs her own T-shirts. Her work is often inspired by movies, TV shows and other facets of pop culture which fits right into our whole aesthetic here at CURIO!

Shari Sarver

Shari is a versatile artist and we carry various items and works by her here at CURIO. She is most well known for her super cool jewelry that she designs and fabricates herself. Shari is a professional jeweler for Jared in real life and also creates art via printmaking and drawing. Check out her one-of-a-kind “scribble” designs she incorporates into her work. Ask us and we can tell you more!

Riverwood Trading Co.

We are proud to offer this local and regional favorite! Gregg Kristophel (Gregg drive in Harmony is named after him!) and his son Jake handcraft all their items from local hardwood, mostly cherry, for its beautiful variety of colors and grain patterns. Their utensils are a favorite for gifting! You can always tell an original by the marking on the item. We received a set of their utensils for our wedding and are still cooking strong! Talk to us about proper care so your quality purchase will last for many years.

Riverwood Trading Co_pic.png

Plant Lady Wannabe

A Plant Lady that can't keep them alive. Just a wannabe. I'm turning to plants that I can't kill, like crocheted cacti. If you have a less than green thumb, then these little plants are for you! Always adorable never dead. This daughter and mom duo came-up with the idea to crochet cacti, and other plants, to help the those who find it difficult to water their own plants achieve greenery and enjoyment!

Nonsense and Knots_pic.jpg

Nonsense & Knots

Tarah Buzard creates handmade Crochet Critters, Blankets, Baby items, and Gifts. The variety is staggering! Tarah prides herself on the challenge of creating items without the use of any pattern or instruction. She has created several custom POP Culture items for us here at CURIO like Alien face-huggers, Cthulhus, Star Wars characters and more. We are alwsy getting more of her creations in so check back to see something new soon!

June & Beans_pic.jpg

June & Beans Hugglers

Crafted for ultimate comfort, these creations called “Hugglers” are the product of artisan Shelby Gaurrich. Super cuddly soft material with a weighted interior help to sooth and inspire comfort. These little guys are found in different sizes and shapes and sometimes even resemble recognizable characters. Find the right one for you and snuggle one today!

Carmen Bianco

Carmen is a local resident who happens to work with videography, photography, and leather work. Carmen’s leather work is completely handcrafted from cutting & forming the leather to punching the holes and sewing. Carmen’s pieces are crafted from sourced Italian leather and sometimes even vintage baseball gloves! His photography has also been highlighted here in CURIO as well as Wunderbar and Della Terra.

Carmen Bianco_pic.jpg

Ju-Ju Be Stichin'

Artist, Julia Studney, makes great bags, cross-stitch art, and pillows. We love her fun approach to POP culture and attention to quality and detail! Her work can be seen at many collectible and toy shows in the region but while you’re here now and there’s no cover charge why not get something!

Ju JU Be Stichin_pic.jpg
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