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I acquire inspiration for my work from my physical surroundings, the people I meet or observe, the way people react within their environment, and the way some objects connect to create a pleasing and interesting still life.  I place these people in those surroundings and use their surroundings to create a personality that reflects who or what they are. Whether it is a person in a portrait, persons in my cityscapes, or just objects that inspire me to paint them, I give them a personal touch that represents who or what they are.

As with my portraits, and cityscapes, my inspiration for still lifes follow the same creative process.  I may use my sketches, a still life setup in my studio, or photographs to start the creative process, but to arrive at a composition that is exciting to me, and will inspire me to want to paint that subject, it takes more than just one sketch, one set up, or photograph to come up with a successful painting.  It takes hard work, a good eye, and a strong dedication to my craft.

This whole process is done in oil paint on canvas.  I chose this medium because it allows me the flexibility to change parts of the composition, and allows me to present a specific emotion with the wide range of colors that are available.  Also, I love the detail that you can accomplish with oil paint.  The detail intrigues me and is an important part of relaying a story through my painting.

My philosophy is to use my artistic gift to produce works of art that are an extension of who I am and what I believe in and, in some way, may bring focus to a specific subject that may help to bring about an awareness or change.

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