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Tim is a professional artist living in Pittsburgh, PA. He creates works of art in an effort to uniquely and authentically communicate his story and all of its influences to the viewer. The work he does is built on the exploration of emotional and physical responses to environments and experiences within his life. In the same way that one grows and change as a human being, so does his work.

“ I think of my paintings as a journal tirelessly struggling to remain honest and sincere. The work of the Impressionists and Abstract Impressionists as well as the natural and human made landscapes that surround us are heavy influences on me and my work. Texture is central to my studio work, perhaps more important than the subject matter. The heavy strokes of Van Gogh and the gritty feel of sandstone stand equal in their impression on my paintings. My oil paintings are abstract, thick, and built using straight edges. Each painting layered and scraped and manipulated. Ultimately, I seek to convey an authentic representation of place and emotion, drawing the viewer into a world that is both familiar and foreign.”
Tim is a member of the  Pittsburgh Watercolor Society and the Pittsburgh Society of Artists.

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