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As one of the first artists to work and develop the bio-mechanical style of tattooing, Don McDonald is a nationally recognized artist with over 29 years of professional tattooing experience. His work is a mixture of biological and organic structures with the repetition and format of a mechanical device. Don is the owner of Bodyworks Tattoo in Pittsburgh. His original art sells before it can make it to a gallery to be shown so Don has high quality hand signed prints made of his work produced to sell so those who appreciate his work but may not want it on their flesh, can own a piece.

His art and story have been shared in several articles in TATTOO Magazine and Inked Magazine. The most recent of which was a feature article in the summer 2018 edition of TATTOO. Don’s prolific approach to his art has led to thousands of highly detailed tattoos over the course of his career. People from all over the U.S. apply to be on a waiting list for up to 2 years to get an appointment and travel to Pittsburgh for a tattoo.

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