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Savisky is a Pittsburgh area based Abstract Expressionist, whose work blends acrylic paint, oil pastel, charcoal, and graphite into intricately layered paintings that explore the relationship between simplicity and complexity. 

As an artist captivated by the notion of a single simplicity comprised of multiple complexities, Savisky examines the endless potential abstract expressionism has to offer through mixed media and visual texture. By utilizing the prospects of a limited range in color, line, and shape he produces seemingly simple cohesive compositions, by building compelling layers of intricate details. Savisky restricts his work to a nonrepresentational field, focusing on the formal elements, paint application, and mark making, in an effort to communicate the ambiance of rich layering. By decisively reducing the scope of visual components, the end-product encompasses an inclusive level of simplicity with gradations of nuance and complex intricacy.

For Savisky, art is a wayward journey of self-discovery, rather than the concise destination of a linear path. Process makes the product. His latest “Glacies Collection” is inspired by the breathtaking Alaskan glacier ice he photographed in a recent trip to the North Pacific. The paintings in this collection abstractly echo the formal elements and aesthetic identities found in these glaciers. ‘Glacies’, Latin for ‘Ice’, appropriately titles this collection, as its pieces convey the exquisite nature and beauty found in such a simple, yet complex, phenomenon.

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