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Our New Clay Studio of 2022!

After 5 years and with a growing clientele asking to use clay, this year brought to CURIO a newly renovated fully functioning Ceramic Studio!! Special thanks to Butler County Tourisms 2022 Grant Program! This funding allowed us to purchase the kiln and continue to offer exciting art making opportunities right in our amazing town of Zelienople!

Check out where we started 5 years ago and what changes we made this past year!

We are proud to announce that in May 2022 on CURIO’s 5 year anniversary, with special thanks to the Butler County Tourism Bureau CURIO is now able to offer ceramic classes! With the grant from Butler County Tourism CURIO was able to purchase the kiln, one of the many important tools in working with clay.

For those of you that have not had the pleasure of working with clay yet, A kiln is a type of oven that produces temperatures high enough to complete the process of turning clay into pottery. It’s also where chemical changes of glaze occur to allow a piece of ceramics to become finished and permanent. We are so thankful and blessed to be a recipient of the Butler County Tourism 2022 Grant that allowed us to offset the cost of the kiln to be able to make the appropriate changes to the clay studio. CURIO has forever changed now that the Ceramics Studio has been added.

Even though the studio is still in its infancy, we have already offered over 50 clay specific classes for ages 5 to adult. Next year we plan to add new instructors, more class times, fundraising opportunities, and specific technique workshops.

Beginning in June and throughout the summer we facilitated our Summer Art Academy Classes and educated kids ages 6-16.

Aside from our structured kids classes we now offer Open Paint Times. An opportunity to paint your own pottery on your own time, with any age group. It is perfect for families, friends, and busting boredom on rainy days.

We started Introduction to Pottery Wheel classes, for those interested in learning the art making process of the pottery wheel. Looking for a one nighter? Our “Give it a whirl classes” are a perfect date night, friend event, or social opportunity to try out the pottery wheel in a no stress fun environment!

We have also started a series called “Create in the Community” Where we are partnering with local businesses and offering a ceramic art making opportunity in their establishment instead of the studio.

Check out this video of our fun evening at Shubrew painting Beard Mugs!

One thing is for sure, there is rarely a time where the ceramics studio is empty and quiet. Thanks to Butler County Tourism and their generous gift to help fund the “Clay Cave” we are able to provide our community with an incredible art making opportunity right in town. We have acquired new customers, and provided current customers with a whole new experience that they are excited to explore. Next year 2023 brings new people and new goals of partnering with more businesses, offering fundraiser opportunities, bringing on more instructors for more clay classes for all ages, and more. CURIO is YOUR local space to create, and we can not be more thrilled to bring these amazing art making opportunities to our community.

To register for classes visit our website! To stay in the know of new classes

join our website or subscribe to our socials and YouTube!

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