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“I approach painting as a vehicle to explore modern circumstances involving confabulated tales without specific conclusions. Of concern is the deificaton of objects in a culture of commodity worship. The power the trade marked object became extremely apparent to me while I was a guest Professor at Technicon Natal in South African post- Apartheid transition. Having people literally trying to buy the pants off my body over a tag, was a tiny but pointed sign of status symbols importance and frightening power.”

Quint Marshall, from right here in Harmony, has lived in Washington D.C., New York City and South Africa. Marshall graduated from the Corcoran school of Art with his BFA and later from VCU with his Master of Fine Arts degree. Marshall taught Drawing and Painting at Virginia Commonwealth University. His work has been exhibited in the Maureen Littleton Gallery in D.C., Robert Miller Gallery in NYC, Corcoran gallery of Art, and in the National Museum of Women in the Arts. His work draws from the inspiration of his youth during the percolating hardcore/punk scene in Pittsburgh and D.C.

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