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Ron Copeland is a multidisciplinary artist currently living in Pittsburgh. Originally from Canton, Ohio, his post-industrial aesthetic and mantra of reclaim and recycle derives from growing up in the Rust Belt region. His early artistic vision focused on photographing blighted buildings, factories, and defunct signage, which then became content for screen prints and paintings. While on his journeys exploring the remnants of an ever-changing economy, he collected found bits of broken and disregarded materials that that would become his canvases. Copeland creates work in sculpture, painting, assemblage and lighting. After devoting years to working with reclaimed material he has since developed relationships to reclaimed scrap and decommissioned materials from many sign shops, art galleries, and museums. Ron's original motivation of salvaging pieces of the past has turned into a large project of recycling commercial materials into new forms and compositions that celebrate our collective history. 

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