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T.K. Mundok is Pittsburgh-based artist born in Johnstown Pennsylvania. He is an active Studio Mechanic and works as a scenic artist and set painter in the Entertainment Industry. Most recently Mundok worked on productions such as Mindhunter (TV), Mister Rogers (Feature Film), American Pastoral (Feature Film), SouthPaw (Feature Film), and The Perks of Being a Wall Flower (Feature Film).

Mundok’s subject matter, while primarily abstract, spans from landscape reminiscent imagery to figurative. Lines and markings trail around, through and react to imagery on the surface presenting the viewer with an immersive visual experience. TK’s work allows the audience to interact with a personal connection from the onset. Lines and color fields become shapes that are overlapped with textural elements and circles that become almost symbolic.

Mundok is also the lead vocals & harp in Black Cat Moan, music that harkens back to early folk field recordings. Drawing inspiration from early blues performers and the kings of Chess Records, Black Cat Moan does not mimic artists of a past era but instead brings a new vibe to a classic art form.

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