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Todd Pinkham with mural.jpg


Artist and painting professor at California University of Pennsylvania, Todd Pinkham creates work that engages the viewer with an onslaught of imagery. Visuals peek through from the background while the foreground becomes populated with more, sometimes seemingly unrelated, imagery. Scavenged and upcycled from his own studies or finds while on the prowl, Todd manipulated his paintings and fashions into a flurry of cultural references, POP culture flare, traditional painting techniques and experimental nuances. Todd’s fashions are as experimental and exciting as his paintings with layers of patchwork over thrift store finds. The base garment of many of Todd’s “Karkasses”, as he refers to his clothing line, are from higher end consumer fashion and then brought down to street level by the addition of handsewn remnants from other clothing sources.

 A frequent attendee of Burning man, Todd earned the name of HYENA and uses this alter ego in the creation of his paintings, urban street wear and performances.

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